Jun 26, 2014
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EGM #50
You can be the velociraptor. An advertisement for the Jurassic Park videogame.


EGM #50

You can be the velociraptor. An advertisement for the Jurassic Park videogame.

Jun 25, 2014
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Games Journalism or Let The Enthusiast Press Die

So this is going to be short and sweet but in “games criticism” twittersphere that I interact with on a regular basis there has been an interesting and frustrating conversation. It begins nebulously with disconnected observations about how jobs in games journalism are divvied up to a cadre of mostly white men. I’ve seen more than once new positions open up at places such as Polygon, (owned by Vox Media with a warchest of capital behind them) go to industry insiders, rather than established and respected, but not salaried freelancers and bloggers. As a result there is ridiculously legitimate anger and frustration. 

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Jun 21, 2014
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Jun 20, 2014
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But, again, Foucault’s example is positive only if his general epistemological position is not swallowed whole. For in fact Foucault so resolutely suspends judgment, and adopts so thoroughgoing a scepticism about any determinacy or relationship between practices,other than the largely contingent, that we are entitled to see him, not as an agnostic on these questions, but as deeply committed to the necessary non- correspondence of all practices to one another. From such a position neither a social formation, nor the State, can be adequately thought. And indeed Foucault is constantly falling into the pit which he has dug for himself. For when-against his well-defended epistemological positions-he stumbles across certain ’correspondences’ (for example, the simple fact that all the major moments of transition he has traced in each of his studies-on the prison, sexuality, medicine, the asylum, language and political economy-all appear to converge around exactly that point where industrial capitalism and the bourgeoisie make their fateful, historical rendezvous), he lapses into a vulgar reductionism, which thoroughly belies the sophisticated positions he has elsewhere advanced.

Stuart Hall - ’Cultural Studies: Two Paradigms’ (1980) 

Looky here at Hall gettin S A S S Y 

Jun 20, 2014
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The tradition inherits a dialectic that is right, but the particular mechanical metaphor through which it is expressed is wrong. This metaphor from constructional engineering … must in any case be inadequate to describe the flux of conflict, the dialectic of a changing social process … All the metaphors which are commonly offered have a tendency to lead the mind into schematic modes and away from the interaction of being-consciousness.
E.P. Thompson’s review of The Long Revolution in the New Left Review (1961) 
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