May 8, 2012
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Žižek the Authoritarian (?)

A fantastic response to Ari Kohen’s opinion of Žižek. I argued with him before about his dismissal of such a powerful thinker, and I don’t really think he listened. This is a much better point by point engagement that addresses out how I feel about those who just dismiss philosophers out of hand just because they disagree with them. In Kohen’s case, it seems that he dismisses Žižek because he thinks Žižek’s theories of revolution and violence are dangerous, which, if you think about it, means Kohen should want to engage more, not less. But he doesn’t, and instead just reads the back of a book cover.

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    Especially because Zizek is always calling for forms of dictatorship and authoritarianism, how could that “revolution”...
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    A fantastic response to Ari Kohen’s opinion of Žižek. I argued with him before about his dismissal of such a powerful...
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    feel this is valid and yet still fails...legitimately appealing aspects
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    Read More This pretty neatly sums up...dirty money grubbing hypocrite.
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    Ex-fucking-actly. Okay, now for “Zizek the Authoritarian”. First off, there’s this claim: “I see nothing in Harman’s...
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    Two things: Zizek does carry the old Stalinist garbage around with him, speaking too fondly of the “revolutionary...
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