Aug 10, 2012
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Hey look the CEO of Whole Foods is a jackass here he is in an interview with some Reddit looking libertarian guy. I LOVE IT WHEN PEOPLE THINK THAT ADAM SMITH IS MISUNDERSTOOD AND THAT MARX ATTACKED CAPITALISM ON AN ETHICAL BASIS HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA.

"We are the value creators, we are the heroes."

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    john mackey is a liar and a cheat. not to mention his staunch libertarianism, his disdain for the ACA, and his recent...
  2. getradified said: Hahahaha, this is hilarious.
  3. lukesimcoe said: He contradicts himself in the first minute… “some people think they know best” is followed by “we forced organic standards on others.”
  4. wendfarm said: NO YOU ARE NOT
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