Oct 13, 2012
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DIY Conference: Mark Fisher: Capitalism, Is There No Alternative?

Recorded at the DIY Conference at Incubate Festival 2012, De NWE Vorst, Tilburg NL by Victor-Zorro

Despite the title, not at all a rehash of the content of Capitalist Realism. Actually a response to Simon Reynolds’ preceding talk about DIY culture. Discusses negativity, Simon Cowell, public space and public time, Jodi Dean, participatory culture, lowered ambitions and expectations for culture, “psychic privatization”, the retreat of the left. Is Mark Fisher the Adorno of today? An absolutely uncompromising advocate for the productive power of negativity. He also mentions that he has a new book on the way, Ghosts of My Life.

Gonna eat a gyro and watch this.

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    Gonna eat a gyro and watch this.
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